Bracha Lavee Black and Beautiful


Black and Beautiful print is double matted and framed.  Frame measures approximately 11" x 13".

Bracha employes a variety of artistic techniques and discovered the flexibility of felt about forty years ago.
The city of Jerusalem and stories from the Bible provide her with endless sources of inspiration.
Her use of felt in bright, semi-tropical colors allows her to express her themes dramatically.
They also allow her to capture both the warmth normally associated with tapestry and the attention to fine detail typical of painting. She has also published about a dozen editions of signed prints in different sizes. The themes of these prints include Bible, Holy-land, and Jerusalem. The prints are repro ductions of Bracha’s felt works.  However, while the felt works exude warmth, the prints shine: the liberal use of brilliant gold coloring makes her scenes of "Jerusalem of Gold" the jewelry worn by the heroines of the Bible, and other elements of these prints lustrous, energetic, and three-dimensional.


Bracha Lavee Black and Beautiful
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