Chai Framed Art by Kathryn Nidy-Cukier

Handmade Judaica Artwork made with "Heritage, Tradition & Hope".  Each original is expertly crafted using:  Handmade papers, pastels, paints, gold & silver leaf, fibers, recycled & found objects.  The techniques and ideas are a blend of traditional and modern materials with a clear focus of retaining our heratiage and creating a contemporary form of Judaica art. 

About the artist:  Kathryn Nidy-Cukier has been creating contemporary mixed media Judaica since 1995.  Most recently her "Mezuzah Sculpture" was published in the book "500 Judaica" Innovative Contemporary Ritual Artwork.  The timeless materpiece now reisedes at Miriam's hospital in Providence, RI. 


Measures 12.5" x 10.75"

Chai Framed Art by Kathryn Nidy-Cukier
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