Embroidered Tallit by Akiva Lamy of Argaman Embroidery

This exclusive and unique embroidery is created by the Israeli designer Akiva Lamy. 


Argaman Tallit  Is one of the leading companies specializing in the design  unique Tallit. The company has been serving Jewish communities, organizations and individuals providing high quality and standards.  Thier products stand out for their design that combines old oriental tradition with modern and contemporary one.  Now in its second generation, they take much pride in thier products, designed by Akiva Lamy the son of Ora and Emanuel Lamy who started the business over 30 years ago. In a short period of time his designs have been sought after due its tradition of quality and service. Thier Talit are produced in Israel and are distributed all over the world.
... heirlooms in the making... items to be enjoyed now and treasured always.


Embroidered Tallit  by Akiva Lamy of Argaman Embroidery
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